Brisbane Karate

Lose body fat, tone muscles, improve metabolism, increase self-confidence, improve mental focus

Sport and exercise programs support a healthy diet and lifestyle. You’ll find karate a good all-over workout for increasing flexibility and gaining strength.

If you’re wanting to get into shape martial arts will help you.

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Self Defence

Skills that will empower you to handle any situation

Men, women, and children benefit from taking classes that teach how to gain the upper hand if attacked on the street, or in our own homes. Knowing basic self-defence techniques can mean the difference, turning a bad situation into a story of survival.

You’ll find classes for people of all skill sets and fitness levels.

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All ages, All skill levels

Group karate classes cater for beginners through to advanced skills

Family time is precious. And how you spend your family time matters. Integrating martial arts into family time is a rewarding experience. Parents training alongside their kids enjoy quality time together, all while getting fit, losing weight, expanding socialisation, and learning skills that can last a lifetime.

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Karate is one of the best martial arts for Kids

Learn skills for life in a family-friendly environment

Children and pre-teens can also use martial arts to their advantage in building healthier, stronger bodies and realising a positive self-image. Karate helps younger kids learn limits and structure, develop listening skills, hone their focus, and enhance self-confidence. Karate can be a true positive influence in a child’s life, helping him, or her, to learn about conflict resolution and proper socialising.

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  • enhanced mental and physical health, including heart health
  • lower blood pressure and cholesterol numbers
  • insulin and glucose levels regulated
  • systemic inflammation decrease

Motivation and achievement

Surrounded by supportive people each on their own martial arts journey encourages you to to push forward and achieve

Balance and co-ordination

Karate tests your mind and body. You’ll learn many patterns of varying difficulty using the strikes, blocks, kicks and stances

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Goal setting

Karate has a belt system. As you achieve a skill level your Sensei will send you to ‘grade’ for your next belt. After passing you’ll move on to the next color. The higher you go the more disciplined you’ll need to be. ‘Striving to achieve’ flows on into daily life.

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There’s so much to learn in martial arts. If you’re thinking when you get to black belt ‘that’s it, there’s no more to learn’, then think again, because black belt is just the beginning. Karate encourages you to keep learning.

I’m truly amazed when I come away from training with my Sensei ‘I think whoo! I’ve just learned another bunch of stuff I didn’t know before’. So what I’m saying is, it keeps you grounded we all learn from each other, and I’ve seen that time and time again.

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 Fitness and competitive sport

Tournaments are held at all different levels: regional, state wide and worldwide. You never know, you might have what it takes to be a world champion. You’ve the opportunity to compete against people in your own age bracket in sparring and kata.

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Do any of these apply to you?

  • Thinking of karate classes for your kids?
  • Does your child lack motivation?
  • Is your child keen to join a class?
  • Needing ‘down time’ away from the computer screen?
  • Looking for a sport you can learn with your children?
  • Needing to shed a few kilos?
  • Where are your local karate classes?
  • Wondering what’s involved and how much it might cost?

Contact us for obligation free information to help answer these questions

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Why Choose Us

  • There’re hundreds of clubs throughout Australia and worldwide
  • You’re welcome to train as little or as often as you like in any of these clubs
  • Classes are available 7 days a week 50 weeks of the year
  • Learn new skills at a pace that suits you
  • Train in a supportive, family friendly environment
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My son was having problems at school and getting easily distracted in class. I didn’t know what to do to get him back on track.Going to karate classes has given him confidence and his behaviour in class has improved. His teacher even commented in our last parent/teacher interview that she’d seen a positive change. I’m pleased we gave this a try.


Annette, Brisbane

I wanted to find an activity that my kids could do together and get them away from the computer. They weren’t doing enough physical exercise and my little one doesn’t have good co-ordination. Starting martial arts classes was good for us. It was something they could learn at the pace that suited each of them. It’s been 2 years now and I’m pleased we started.

Karen, The Gap

We started our daughter going to karate classes thinking it would give her confidence. She was very quiet and I was worried about her standing up for herself. She’s surprised me and is really doing well. I’ve now joined too. I badly needed to get exercise so it suited me to stay and join in with the class.There’s all ages. It’s great, love it. It works well for us.

Pete and Sue, Ferny Grove

My son didn’t fit into the traditional sports mould of football and cricket. We decided to let him try karate because it didn’t necessarily have to be competitive. He’s still building muscle strength and co-ordination which makes him feel like his achieving something. Although he doesn’t have to compete in tournaments,one day he might want to and the option is there for him.

Jeremy, Ashgrove