How to Choose the Best Self Defence Classes

Why karate?

Knowing basic self-defence techniques can mean the difference; turning a bad situation into a story of survival. 

You’ll learn self-defence in a Karate or Taekwondo class and get so many other benefits from these classes. 

Health improves with disciplined exercise.

  • ↑feel fitter and stronger
  • ↑condition and tone
  • ↑improve flexibility and strength
  • ↑quicken reflexes
  • ↑reduce stress
  • ↑increase confidence

Many people lose a significant amount of weight by practicing martial arts regularly. Others use it as a way to maintain their weight, burn off extra calories, and stay in shape.

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Is karate good for self defence?

Learning how to aggressively take down an attacker or escape from an attacker’s grasp is the obvious benefit. But these classes offer something that may be even more valuable, empowerment.

“Street” skills you’ll learn include

  • heightened awareness of surroundings and ability to recognise the potential for danger
  • how to scream to be heard, effectively
  • how to carry yourself when walking down the street to become less of a target for aggressors

The best self-defence classes promote avoiding conflict rather than confrontation. Instructors should also cover components on avoiding confrontation through early behavioural awareness.

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Students feel empowered by successfully employing the learned techniques in class.

Types of self defence classes

There are a variety of gyms, dojos, and fitness centres that offer self-defence classes for people of all ages.

Research whether they teach the basics within a fairly short time frame. A few weeks is usually a sufficient amount of time for learning the very basics of self-defence in a class that is tailored solely to people who want to learn to defend themselves.

What can you expect to learn?

If you’re solely looking for a self-defence class and not interested in the additional fitness benefits of traditional martial arts class, then a class that helps you learn the basics of freeing yourself from an attacker is another option. These classes generally teach men, women, and children how to free themselves from attackers using their legs, elbows, palms and even their teeth to punch, strike, kick, or bite their way out of an attack.

Most classes feature one-on-one interaction between the student and faux “attackers” who are actually staff members wearing well-padded suits and are trained in mugging and attack simulation. By practising the techniques in class on these usually male assailants, students can see their work in action. Applying the techniques during simulated attacks gives confidence. Other things to look for


Class allows you to watch before signing up

Most gyms and other places that offer self-defence classes allow interested members to sit in on a class (or perhaps even participate in one class) prior to committing to the class. Doing this gives you a feel for the class, its techniques, and whether the setting seems conducive to your own personal learning style and comfort level.


A class environment that enables you to focus, feel safe and supported

Padded assailants interacting with simulated muggings is an example of one of the most effective self-defence class techniques. Introducing a real situation into the class mix allows you to see how you might react if you were attacked, so that you’re not panicked or overwhelmed if an attack occurs in real life.


Offers a supportive culture

It’s important the class is personable, especially if you’ve been the victim of a crime. Finding a class with like-minded individuals may be next to impossible. However finding one where the instructor and other students seem to be on the same page and genuinely care about your success is important to getting the most out of the class. You’ll be training with other students so it’s important that you’re comfortable with the other people in your class.

Classes are available for people of all skill sets and fitness levels.

Men, women, and children benefit from taking classes to learn how to gain the upper hand if attacked on the street or in their homes.

Find out more about the best self-defence classes for you or family by contacting us for classes in your area.