Martial Arts for Women - Brisbane

Get fit, confident and strong

Martial arts for women is becoming more popular as the many benefits from joining local martial arts classes are discovered.

You’ve probably heard by now, ‘martial arts is not just for men’. This style of exercise provides a great workout to help get into or stay in shape, and you’ll learn to defend yourself. Learning martial arts will give you a boost of self-confidence and the sense of achievement becomes quite addictive.

One of the most popular martial arts disciplines and a good place is start is karate. Shed kilos, enhance cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones and give your hand-eye co-ordination a boost. 

Many women turn to karate for weight loss. Attending karate classes will promote calorie burning and well-being keeping you on track with dieting plans.

Just a 30-minute karate class can burn as many as 372 calories in someone who weighs 70 kilos.

Your weight and intensity of the workout will factor in to exactly how many calories you burn. As a comparison, if practicing tai chi which is not as vigorous or intense as karate, you can expect a calorie burn of just 149 calories in a similarly sized person.

This makes karate a great activity if you’re wanting to create a calorie deficit and lose some weight while toning and strengthening your body.

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Men and women are capable of generating the same level of force per pound of body muscle.

You can expect these benefits

  • toning and strengthening of your body and core
  • posture improvement – katas learned improve strength making you feel and look stronger and healthier
  • increased stamina  – a full-body workout increasing endurance and stamina
  • mentally strong and alert – feel empowered learning to defend yourself
  • increased self-confidence
  • enhanced concentration
  • reduced stress and improved emotional health
  • improve cardiovascular health – get the heart pumping, improving overall cardio health
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You don’t have to be physically fit and in good shape to start learning and actively training in karate. Starting out, you’ll learn basic techniques and stances. Progressing through the belts you’ll learn more challenging patterns (katas), workouts and techniques.

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Upper body strength

During training your body uses muscles that it doesn’t ordinarily use during the course of a regular workout or daily activities.

One of the benefits is building upper body strength. Harnessing and building upper body strength is not just a goal for men wanting to get fit. Men are generally thought to have superior upper body strength when compared to the so-called ‘fairer sex’. The truth is that this is often a perceived superiority that comes from the imbalance of muscle and fat ratios and the different distribution of fat in men’s bodies compared to women’s body.

Sports like karate help to hone upper body strength, narrowing that gap and putting women on the same playing field. You can reach a new level of strength and through continued workouts it will be maintained.

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Self defence

Defending yourself is an important skill. Knowing how to take down an attacker to prevent bodily harm or assault is a skill for life.

Karate and other martial arts help you learn, at minimum, the basic skills you need to survive an attack and as you progress you’ll learn how to send an attacker packing.

Karate classes teach you the steps or patterns, (katas), that make you feel more confident when you’re out alone. Classes are offered in an environment that is comfortable and not intimidating so you can get the most out of your class. The training you receive develops and quickens your reflexes.

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Karate helps build character and develop your mind by improving concentration and focus.

We recommend

  1. choosing classes that welcome beginners because learning the basics forms an important base before advancing to more strenuous and demanding routines
  2. finding a local class as it is easier to commit to a program and stick with it