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Karate for kids teaches children 'skills for life'

‘Of all the other extracurricular activities available for children, perhaps none surpass karate in the number of life lessons that your child can learn and that will affect him throughout childhood, the teenage years, and into adulthood.’

karate classes for children Brisbane

Widely considered the best form of martial arts for kids, karate is a fun outlet for your child with a host of benefits.

1. Encourages self-discipline  Among the basic skills that karate can help your child learn are self-discipline, self-restraint, and delayed gratification.

2. Keeps your child active  Many parents struggle getting children to participate in sports or to do any physical activities. Kids enjoy karate. They develop relationships with other kids that encourages them to come to class and get the exercise their bodies need.

3. Improves self-esteem As your child participates and learns techniques and katas, self-esteem increases. The longer your child attends classes and the more he advances, the greater his self-esteem and sense of self-worth becomes.

4. Instills respect Karate classes for kids are based around respect. Each class is like a lesson for your child in how to respect others. It’s a value that is important in society but is sometimes lacking.

5. Boosts your child’s socialization potential  Sharing the pursuit of karate fosters a community among kids in the same dojo. This improves camaraderie and your child’s ability to socialise in and out of the karate class.

6. Fosters goal achievement  Kids’ karate classes are based on a colored belt system. Your child can reach different levels by striving toward their goals. This helps encourage the idea and values of working hard to achieve what he/she wants.

7. Leads to more amiable conflict resolution Karate fosters the use of nonviolent means for resolving conflict. This spills over into day-to-day life and problem solving in other areas.

8. improves listening skills To move through the ranks in karate, your child learns how to listen and how to apply what he/she hears. This is a skill that will prove valuable in all areas of life, including the classroom.

Karate offers benefits for all skill levels, including beginner level classes for inexperienced kids of all ages. Children with learning disabilities or physical challenges can also participate in classes and benefit from the repetition of of karate movements  Children are in an environment where they can learn at the pace they’re comfortable.

As your child grades, he’ll feel a sense of achievement and pride as he moves on to learning elements for the next colour belt.

Most kids enjoy all age classes because they like to interact with adults and vice versa. However, there are ‘kids only’ classes available where a lot more emphasis is put on the ‘fun’ aspect, Some children learn better in this environment and it is an option if it suits your child.

Traditional Japanese karate uses combinations of blocks, strikes, kicks and stances.These moves are taught in combinations or ‘katas’ which form the basic martial arts moves.

Taekwondo is a Korean form of karate.

Judo is a type of competitive martial art form that teaches kids to throw their partners with leverage and balance while instilling opponent respect and learning self-control.

Kung Fu is more intense, giving kids a real aerobic workout while learning fluid karate movements in a fast-paced format.

Aikido, Jujitsu, T’ai Chi, and others may be available in your local area. Each has its own benefits.

karate classes for kids in Brisbane

Self defence for kids

Kids are taught to be aware of what’s going on around them and how to draw attention to a situation if something’s wrong. There are lots of self defence techniques that kids can use in an unsafe situation.

kids karate BrisbaneBut how do they know what to do if they haven’t been taught?

Through repetition and training karate sets a plan firmly in their mind. The child can recall what they have been taught if in a threatening situation.

It might be a simple trick, for example, a whack on the strangers nose with the palm of their hand to cause a shock to whoever may be trying to grabbing them. It enables the child to get away as fast as possible.

You’d be amazed what kids can remember under pressure. Once learned, it’s a skill they have for life.

For parents wanting to learn a martial arts discipline or increase fitness themselves, this is a sport where you can train alongside your child.

When choosing a dojo for your child’s training, local clubs are usually the best option.

Time spent driving to and from classes needs to be factored into your busy life when it comes to after-school activities. Keeping it local increases the likelihood that your child will stick to the program because of convenience.

Local classes also offer the opportunity for your child to become acquainted with kids in your area, making it easier for your child to flex socialization skills.

The many benefits of karate for kids make it a wise choice to consider for your child.

benefits of martial arts for children